Why choose higher education in Ukraine?

Choosing an educational institution is an important part of planning for the future. In recent years, the trend of our students ‘ admission abroad has grown beyond recognition (60 thousand foreigners study in Ukraine). It is primarily due to the desire to build a successful career: having a European – style diploma is a guarantee of employment abroad, in your country or in Ukraine. Affordable prices, proximity to the EU, the ability to get a Ukrainian passport in the future and visa-free travel with the Schengen area countries, and the similarity of mentality made Ukraine a priority for foreigners when choosing a country of study.

Diplomas of Ukrainian universities are recognized in all countries of Asia and Africa, while additional confirmation is not required for frequent, and the education system in the country operates according to the European scheme. Also, education in Ukraine meets The international standards of education classification (ISCED).

The higher education system in Ukraine includes public and private higher education institutions. For admission, the applicant must have at least a certificate of maturity.

Advantages of studying in Ukraine

Applicants, when considering options for admission, are guided not by the choice of country, but by the advantages of education in it. Studying in Ukraine you will be able to:

apply for a European diploma that opens the borders for employment in the European Union, and is also valid in Ukraine, Russia and Belarus, Asian countries: China, India, Pakitan, Iran, Bangladesh, Africa: Nigeria, Ghana, Zambia, Tanzania, Sinegal and others;

pay a price for one year that does not exceed the cost of studying at universities in your country, but is usually cheaper. at the same time, the range of opportunities for Ukrainian programs is much wider (in 2015, the country signed an agreement with the EU, which opened up a range of advantages, including educational ones);

participate in international exchange programs ( within the framework of intra-University agreements with foreign universities, Erasmus, Erasmus Mundus), gain experience in international companies in various fields, learn foreign languages in practice;

travel to the European Union countries – thanks to the cooperation of Ukraine with the EU, so you should allocate part of the finances and not miss this opportunity, because it will be easy to get a tourist visa later;

enter comfortably and without unnecessary formalities: Ukrainian universities do not require certificates of language proficiency or special tests (exams) – present the certificate score, pass an interview with our partners in Your country (Pakistan, India, Iran, Egypt, Turkey, Nigeria, Zambia) and you are already a student;

earn extra money in your free time: the schedule of classes is designed so that in the afternoon, if you want, you can find a part-time job, often the University itself offers vacancies, for example, in a co-worker of an IT company.

Duration of study in higher education institutions

Bachelor’s degree program – 4 years (8 semesters).

Master’s degree in English – 1-2 years (2-4 semesters).

Master’s degree in Ukrainian (Russian) – 2 years (4 semesters).

Multi – level master’s degree program-5 years (10 semesters).

Disadvantages of higher education in UA

Attending lectures is not mandatory, but passing exams is mandatory. Thus, students who do not have the skills to organize the educational process should learn how to plan the time required for training.

In Ukraine, there is a transfer system for the next semester “with the condition of completing undelivered exams». Sometimes students perceive this as optional to pass some subjects. However, a student will not receive a diploma until they have passed all the exams and have accumulated the necessary points according to the system of recalculation of points used in the education system.