The new standard

Today, 15 January 2016, started reception of documents from applicants in the Scientific and methodological Council MES of Ukraine, the purpose of which is to develop standards of education.

For the first time members of the Scientific and methodological Council are selected by competition. Before they were appointed personally by the Minister, his function as President of this Council will be limited to only the final signature on the document. This was told first Deputy Minister of education and science Inna Sovsun in an interview with «Radio Liberty».

According to, Inna Showconsole radically changed the approach to developing standards of education. The first will be to change the standards of higher education.Previous standards are large, airy, extremely detailed documents that clearly enough spelled out for universities, what and how to do, what courses to teach. Today most European countries use kompetentnim approach, when the state dictates the learning outcomes and how to achieve them – the question of University autonomy.

«Today we already have the groundwork regarding the form of the standard to make it brief, clear, concise and so that it will not directly identify, what courses to teach, and to determine the specific competencies that should be possessed graduate», — said Inna Sovsun.

The scientific and methodological Council of the Ministry of education and science of developing common learning content and detail will be to prescribe separate standards Commission. In the Scientific and methodological Council will be formed by 5 sectors: preschool education; General secondary education; professional (vocational) education; higher education; non-formal education and educational work. The main working bodies of industry sectors are, in some cases, interdisciplinary, scientific-methodical Commission.