Methods of teaching english in Ukraine Suhomlinsky

Since English is inextricably linked to other school disciplines, the integral part of the teaching methodology is integrated learning. As a result of the implementation of integrated lessons, the emotional sphere of children develops. In Sukhomlinsky’s opinion, this gives a «coveted awakening of thought» that realizes our goal of developing social intelligence. Integrated English language training creates new conditions for teachers and students and represents an effective model for activating thinking activity and developing teaching methods. It also requires a variety of forms of teaching that successfully influence the psychology and effectiveness of educating students for educational material. Many concepts in English can not be understood and learned by students without elementary knowledge in mathematics, physics, biology, chemistry and other subjects. Together with the teachers of biology, social science and geography, I conducted the following integrated activities: an integrated lesson in English and Biology in the 8th class on the theme: «Plants in the state symbols of Great Britain»; geography — English: «Anglo-speaking countries» in the 8th grade, English language and social studies «Youth subcultures» in the 10th grade.

English dictionary dictations, chapters, tests are applied at any stage of the knowledge test: with the primary consolidation of the studied, in the independent and domestic work of students, as well as in the study of new material. Students who have well mastered the essence of these forms of work, with pleasure make up their own crossword puzzles, dictations, tests with workbooks, textbooks, additional literature, which contributes to the formation of a higher level of education and development. An interesting form of activating cognitive activity of students is, in my opinion, writing a letter. This method is starting to be used from the 2nd class, of course at the elementary level, and then the task becomes more complicated, since this type of speech activity was introduced into the English exam in the 9th and 11th grades. When you study a topic, a lot of interesting information remains unused. And the students write letters to each other, the teacher, the fictional addressee, given the rules for writing a personal letter. To interest in this work is not weakened, it is necessary to take as wide a topic of letters as possible and to evaluate works on balls, according to the criteria for rating section C1 — a letter. When the students have enough skills to write letters, I suggest writing spelling with spelling and lexical errors, and then assignments of an elevated C2 level — an essay.

 Each student should receive for the study period the knowledge that will be needed for him in later life. At the same time, the teacher should work so that the training does not cause harm to health. Moreover, one of the main goals of the teaching and upbringing process is to teach children how to preserve and strengthen their health.

 An important role in this respect is given to health-saving educational technologies, the purpose of which is to build the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities on the subject without causing harm to health, develop the motor abilities that are so necessary in life. Also in my work I use technology to enhance the capabilities of the individual and the collective, the author which is the doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor, academician of the International Academy of Sciences of Higher School, Honored Professor of Moscow State University. M.V. Lomonosova, Director of the Center for Intensive Foreign Language Teaching of the Moscow State University. M.V. Lomonosova, Head of the Department of History and Philosophy of Education of the Faculty of Teacher Education Galina Alexandrovna Kitaigorodskaya.

In conclusion, we can say that the use of new information technologies in the teaching of English helps to improve and optimize the learning process and make the lesson more interesting. I supplement and combine traditional teaching methods with new methods, use information technologies, apply an individual approach to each learner and develop their linguistic abilities, and objectively assess the quality of each child’s knowledge. Thus, the use of new information technologies in the teaching of English is not a part of the teaching methodology currently in the context of modernization of education, since, given the use of modern technologies, the learning process becomes more efficient and personalized.

The method of empathy means «feeling» of a person in the state of another object, «instilling» students into the studied objects of the surrounding world, an attempt to feel and know it from within.

For example, get used to the essence of wood, cats, clouds and other educational subjects. At the moment of the experience, the student asks questions to the object — himself, trying to perceive, understand, see the answers at the sensual level. The thoughts, feelings, sensations that are born at the same time are the educational product of the student, who can then be expressed to them in an oral, letter.

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