International Baccalaureate program in Ukraine

Every  parent wants the best possible fate for their child.

Someone chooses to prepare their childfor difficulties from an early time, so to speak, «put on their ownbread» and thereby foster a special understanding and perception of life.

Someone, on the contrary, is trying to protect their child from possibleproblems, well, what else are parents needed for if not for care andguardianship.

The adherents of the second theory, to whom I belong, are tryingto give the child all the best, and I’m not talking about toys, because theybreak, stop being interesting or just gather dust, I’m talking about education.

After all, knowledge cannot be lost or broken, knowledge is like a specialsuitcase with which a person travels all his life and puts everything he learnsthere.

Parentswho are focused on providing a child with a good education that will give himgood knowledge, think about where and how their child will study from the verycradle.

There are only a couple of hundred schools in the world with theInternational Baccalaureate program.

This program was created in 1968, and theheadquarters of an international non-profit private educational foundation islocated in Geneva. And educational institutions that use it, including those located in Ukraine.

What is the reason ?

There are 4 levels for schools, since the program itself is designed for children from 3 to 19 years old.

The first level «Primary Years Program» — a program aimed at primary school students;

Second level «Middle Years Program» — a program aimed at middle school students;

 • Third level «Diploma Program» — a program aimed at high school students;

The fourth level «Career-related Program» is a program aimed at high school students.

The IB program is aimed to develop the students with the realities of the 21stcentury, students develop not only  emotional, personal, and social skills, but knowledgeof foreign languages too. Students also select an additional language from thelist for study, traditionally these are English, French/German.

The IB program is used in kindergartens at schools and in educational institutionsthemselves, as it applies to students aged 3 to 19 years.

Throughoutthe educational process, students receive a wide circle of communication, sincethe children of diplomats and other foreign citizens often attend such schools. Also, in addition to the baggage of knowledge, students who graduate from sucheducational institutions will receive high social activity to which they aretaught in schools in the form of volunteering and the choice of sportsdisciplines.

What will students receive after graduation, or will the International Baccalaureate program affect admission to higher education?

A number of universities accept IB students without any entrance exams. Some universities in Canada and the United States have the opportunity to immediately enter the second year.

InUK universities (including Cambridge, Oxford and other world-renowned educationalinstitutions), this diploma is equated with A-levels. According to research by ACS International schools, 9 out of 10 admissions officers in the UnitedKingdom rate the IB program above others.

The views of European universities on IB are different. However, they either also accept students without an exam, or they ask to retake some disciplines. Thus, obtaining an International Baccalaureate diploma will be an excellent preparation for a high school student to enter any university in the world, and will also help to develop a number of skills and abilities that are useful in everyday life.

There are 4 schools in Ukraine that work with this program. 

In my opinion, education is the best thing that parents can give to their child.