Education in European universities in english.

At the moment, several programs of immigration to Europe 2021 are active through training in English:

About admission:

Admission of students to the bachelor’s or master’s educational program takes place until September 15, 2021.

A student can receive an invitation from May to June to obtain a D visa in the future and come to Ukraine to study.

Cost of education:

The cost of one year of study in the specialty of mechanical engineering and special informatics is $ 1,500 per year of study. If we are talking about studying for a master’s degree, then the cost of such training is $ 3.800 per year of study.

The university also offers a preparatory program with the study of a language in a specialty, the cost of such a course per year of study starts from $ 600 per year.


A student who enrolled in one of the programs can live in a hostel near the university, the cost of living is from $ 300 per year of study (the price can also depend on the number of people in one room and the type of hostel). There is also a rental option for a student. Renting a one-room apartment will cost $ 250 per month.

University admission fees:

The cost of our services under the «Student Package» program is only $ 800, this package includes annual legal support under the program for the protection of foreigners. The student will receive annual support from our lawyers, whom he can contact in case of any questions.

The total fee with visa fees and accommodation for the whole YEAR will be only about 2.000 USD. What is cheaper than living at home without training, because on average a person spends at least $ 200 per month on himself/herself.

What will you get at the end of your studies:

• Diploma of completion of training;

• Acquaintances and wonderful years of student life;

• Legal assistance in case you want to stay and get citizenship;

• Opportunity for employment in the specialty;

• Improving knowledge of English and other languages;

• Studying at a prestigious higher education institution

And much more, and our specialists will help you not to think about documents, but to enjoy student life.

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