Best Universities Allowed to Open Branches in Ukraine

With the development of the educational process, legislation also develops, and the bodies that monitor the educational process should provide an opportunity at the legislative level for its development. It is thanks to this that the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine published the Resolution of March 24, thanks to which many foreign educational institutions will be able to come to Ukraine, which will popularize various fields of activity on the territory of Ukraine and graduate specialists. According to this Resolution, the best universities (their list can be found on the website сайте The Higher Education World University Ranking 2021QS World University Rankings, Academic Ranking of World Universities, World Top 500 Universities , branches that will open in Ukraine must occupy at least 3000 places in these ratings ) in this case, they will be able to open their branch in Ukraine, the restrictions apply to universities that are based in the Russian Federation, for them the possibility of opening a branch in Ukraine is not provided.

This stepwas taken to bring Ukrainian education closer to European and to open up neweducational opportunities for both Ukrainians and foreigners who come to studyin Ukraine.

When a foreign university opens its branch on the territory of Ukraine (it is possible to open a branch in any region and city except: Kiev, Kharkov, Lvov, Dnipro and Odessa, but it will be possible to do this on a territory that is close to these cities, namely the region), then this an educational institution will need to provide constituent documents, a license to carry out educational activities, an accreditation document for this educational institution, type of activity, purpose of opening, experience that this university has when opening other branches (if such experience is available), characteristics of the educational program and other documents list which was approved by Resolution No. 304 dated March 24, 2021.

Our team of specialists, in turn, hopes that in the future this regulatory act will contribute to an even greater desire of foreign students to study in Ukraine, and we, in turn, will help these students with admission, documents, which will give them the opportunity to enter a higher educational institution without difficulties and pretty fast.

Always happy to help — United International Partners.