A new Law of Ukraine On education

In 2017, Ukraine adopted a new Law On education, which is already fully operational in 2018.

Under the new Law, education is the Foundation of intellectual, spiritual, physical and cultural development of personality, its successful socialization, economic prosperity, the key to the development of society, United by common values and culture, and the state.

The purpose of education comprehensive development of personality and the highest values of society, her talents, intellectual, creative and physical abilities, formation of values and necessary for the successful fulfillment of competencies, the education of responsible citizens capable of conscious public choice and direction of its activities for the benefit of others and society, the enrichment on that basis of the intellectual, economic, creative, cultural potential of the Ukrainian people, the increase in the educational level of the citizens to ensure sustainable development of Ukraine and its European choice.

This Law regulates public relations arising in the process of implementing the constitutional human right to education, the rights and obligations of natural and legal persons involved in the implementation of this law, and defines the competence of state bodies and bodies of local self-government in education.

Foreigners and persons without citizenship to receive an education in Ukraine

Foreigners and persons without citizenship to receive an education in Ukraine according to the legislation and/or international treaties of Ukraine.

Tuition, training, retraining, improvement of professional skills of applicants education, for the provision of additional educational services is established by the subject of educational activities in the hryvnia. For job seekers, education — non-residents fee can be set in foreign currency.

In Ukraine to create equal conditions of access to education. Nobody can be restricted in the right to education. Right to education is guaranteed regardless of age, sex, race, health condition, disability, citizenship, nationality, political, religious or other beliefs, colour, place of residence, language, origin, social and property status, criminal record and other circumstances and characteristics.

In Ukraine recognized certificate of accreditation issued by foreign accreditation agencies or agencies for quality assurance in higher education, the list of which is approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine

The national Agency for quality assurance in higher education

The national Agency for quality assurance in higher education involves the activities of the international experts, representatives of leading foreign higher educational institutions and/or experts of the institutions that ensure the quality of higher education in other countries.

Institutions of higher education as a business entity can operate in one of the following statuses:

  • budgetary institution;
  • nonprofit institution of higher education;
  • income institution of higher education.

In the private institution of higher education

In the private institution of higher education, its structure, composition, functioning and powers of the management, operational and Advisory bodies, public and student government, scientific societies, procedures for the election or appointment of the heads of the institution and its units can be defined by the Charter of the institution without complying with the requirements of this Law.

Changed the concept of «College»

Changed the concept of «College» — an institution of higher education or a structural unit of University, Academy or Institute engaged in educational activities associated with obtaining a bachelor’s degree and/or Junior BA, conducts applied research and/or creative artistic activity. The College also has the right under the license (licenses) to ensure receipt of relevant secondary professional (vocational) and/or professional Paradise education.

The status of the College receives the institution of education (Department of education) in which the licensed volume of training of applicants with higher education degree and/or minor of the bachelor is not less than 30 percent of the total licensed volume of.

Post-graduate education

The Law also established that post-graduate education includes obtaining the second (following) higher education — bachelor (master) in a different specialty on the basis of higher education not lower than a bachelor’s degree and practical experience.


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