Our students are protected by the lawyers of our corporation. Your children will be safe.

Our students are protected by the lawyers of our corporation. Your children will be safe.


The service includes consultation in person or over the phone at any time during the year on any matter in the English language, including the following issues:

  1. The registration of documents on education
  2. Communication with the traffic police
  3. Communication with the Criminal Police
  4. Communication with the Customs Service
  5. Communication with the Border Guard Service
  6. Communication with the Migration Service
  7. Communication with the tax authorities
  8. Rental Property
  9. Vehicle Shopping
  10. Conflict in the street and at home, injury lawyers
  11. Family relationships
  12. Debts and monetary relations
  13. Shipments and receiving remittances
  14. Transportation of money across the border
  15. Registration of business in Ukraine
  16. Clearance of residence permits in Ukraine
  17. The registration of citizenship of Ukraine
  18. Obtaining visas to Ukraine
  19. The registration of marriage
  20. The implementation of investments in Ukraine
  21. Buying a Business Asset
  22. Accounting
  23. Taxation activities in Ukraine
  24. Export and import operations
  25. Relationship with transport companies
  26. Find people in Ukraine
  27. The search for the missing property and money
  28. Negotiations with the representatives of business structures
  29. Negotiations with representatives of universities and design contracts
  30. Writing IOUs and drawing money loan contracts
  31. Mortgages
  32. Relationship with notaries and registration service


Our company is the only union of lawyers from different countries, which constantly work in criminal cases on attracting foreigners to criminal liability, protect them with arrests, detentions, election of measures of restraint, extradition, extradition, collect evidence in different countries, provide comprehensive protection in all 197 states Peace, on all 6 continents, in all countries of the former USSR, in Western and Eastern Europe, South and East Asia, the Middle East, North, Central and South Africa, Latin and Severn and America, Australia and Oceania.